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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Oh MY!

So in the car tonight, Sari says, "I. Have. a. Boyfriend." Just like that...pauses after each word for emphasis. So I say, "You mean you have a boy who is a friend" and she says, "No. I. Have. a. Boyfriend. Do you want to know who it is?"
So I bite. "Who is it?"
"You mean JOE?"
"Yeah, but don't tell's a secret."

I think we'll be starting modesty and PURITY training early with that one.

Watch out Aunt girl's after your boy. Oh, and Presley and CG better keep their girls out of Sari's way...she's quite intent on this, LOL.
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Leisa said...

Liv has decided she prefers much older men, so SG can have Joe...

cdgantz said...

Sara has declared that she is never getting married. Too much time around her brothers, I think. Joe is safe from her and free for Sari!

I think I know what "older man" Liv is after! I bet he has wavy, shoulder length hair and carries a tomahawk!

Tiffany said...

Too funny!!! Don't tell Sari but Joe says that he has to marry one of his sisters because he's afraid of living with a strange woman. Not that Sari is strange...or a woman yet for that matter.

Carmi said...

What a delightful moment. You certainly won't have to teach her about determination!