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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Blue Springs Field Trip

We take a field trip to Blue Springs every year. The manatees come into the Springs because the spring water is a constant 72 degrees and when it has been cold out, the river temperature falls below that, so the springs are more temperate and the manatees like that. Thanks to a prolonged recent cold snap, the river has stayed cooler, and there are record number of manatees to be seen. Every year we take a picture at the Spring head on a tree stump that sticks through the boardwalk. This year, we had a larger than normal group of friends with us.

We saw two alligators. The water is sooo clear that you can see their whole body in the water.

Here's the sweet face of a really sadly injured manatee.

The manatees like to congregate on the far bank...far away from the tourists, LOL.

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