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Monday, January 11, 2010

Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class Volume One DVD Review

Even before I saw the movie The Bucket List, I had my own set of things I wanted to learn to do "someday". One of them that has been at the top of my list for a while now is to learn to play guitar. I know, it might sound crazy, but until recently, we have not had any ladies at our church who could play guitar to lead worship at ladies' events. Now we have one, but I still have had a burning desire to learn.

That's why I could not have been more thrilled to receive Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class Volume One DVD. The DVD has 7 lessons, each teaching or reinforcing basic guitar chords and different strumming techniques. Jean Welles has an impressive list of credentials, and all of that is great, but more, much more ,than that is her ability to easily and effectively teach a total beginner like me how to play two chords and a very simple worship song (He's Got The Whole World in His Hands) in the span of about 15 minutes. I'm AMAZED. I'm flabbergasted. I'm HOOKED!!!

The pros: In no time, (obviously with practice on the side) you can sound like a real guitar player. The DVD teaches real worship songs, ones song in my church regularly, not the typical beginner stuff, so you can immediately put your learning to practical use. At $29.95 for the first DVD (which includes a book with the lesson info in print form), it is cheaper than two guitar lessons with a live instructor. And yet, even for someone like me who is very visual and likes to be SHOWN things by real people, this DVD was easy to follow and understand. AND, she even teaches you how to tune your guitar to itself if you don't have an electronic tuner or piano around. Each DVD also includes the lessons in Spanish if that is your native language.

The cons: Minus a live person, if you don't understand something, there is not a person to ask. And there is no one there to correct you if you aren't doing something quite right. But I've made it through five of the 7 lessons so far (the holidays put things on hold for a bit) and I think things have gone pretty well. I'm not ready to play in church or anything, but I am getting the basics down in a really short period of time and at my own leisure.

The bottom line? If you have ever wanted to learn guitar, I'd RUSH to buy these DVDs. There are four total, and while they are individually available for $29.95, if you purchase all four, they are $99.80 and your order includes $40 worth of free instant downloads. That might seem like a lot, but Jean Welles charges $50 for private guitar lessons, and you get 28 lessons on these four DVDs. A local man charges $20 a lesson, and I'm sure it would take 5 lessons to learn what the first TWO lessons on Volume One covers.
If you'd like to try a free lesson, follow this link. To see more information about these DVDs or the other lessons Jean Welles has to offer (there are classes for kids, and piano, and voice, just to name a few), go HERE. To read what other members of the TOS Crew had to say (some of them reviewed the kid's version), go HERE.
Legal disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received a FREE copy of Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class Volume One DVD to review. That DVD and book were the only compensation I received for this review.

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