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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Florida Freeze

It has been COLD here. Really, really cold. I know for you northerners, our weather is nothing to speak of, but we have had a string of really cold weather with several nights of hard freeze. We even had sleet one morning (it snowed in some areas, but we just had sleet). It has made national news because of the potential impact on orange and fern prices, but for our kids don't care about that...they just want to see it snow. Here are some pictures of what we woke to the other day.
I don't know how my roses, which obviously were still in bloom, are going to can see the frozen raindrops on the leaves, and on tiny white speck of sleet.

These icicles got bigger as we watched...that is until I tossed the laundry into the dryer and the hot air from the exhaust melted them.

Icicles on the leaves.

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Deana said...

Awesome pictures!!! Love the new blog heading!!!