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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Can you believe?

Our chicks are 16 weeks old today. Apparently the red stars can start laying any day. I figured that you MUST be dying for updated pictures, LOL, so here they are.

From this...
To this!
I have no idea if the first two are the same two in the top picture, but the one on the right is. Their downy butts were cute, but their puffy ones are even better. They are also the only way I can tell the three red stars apart. See how the one in the middle is redder than the one on the left? That's the best way to tell which one is which.

Look at all that poofiness :-)

This is Mimi's Easter Egger. She's gorgeous. She also has a wonderful personality.

The chickens still have their ever present protector. He is VERY interested in them, but they keep all the cats in their place and I don't worry about them.

Two of the girls

Sari actually took the chicken on the swing with her. I think the chicken was less enamored with the experience than Sari was.
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Melissa said...

Love that picture of Sari!

Julie said...

Melissa stole my comment, I love the picture of Sari too!

Briana said...

Very nice looking chickens. I have a rooster so my ladies don't look very pretty right now. We are going to fence a little area off for him so the girls can get a break!

All American x5 said...

Stopping by from the blog walk. I am on the older crew.

We have chickens and love them so! My children have tamed ours to sit on your shoulder or hand. It is great!

Looks like you are having some fun as well.

Lindsay said...

Nice Chickens! I am just here on the TOS blog walk as a fellow crew member! I am a new follower of your blog too!