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Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Summer Project

Why is it so hard to a) post everyday and b) be remotely interesting in those posts?

I've been spending my summer purging clothes. It is a never-ending project. Who knew 4 kids could wear so much? Or outgrow it so quickly? Just going through their clothes could be a full time job. I have boxes all around the living room. Clothes TJ has outgrown for me to give away. Clothes Scott has outgrown for TJ to wear someday. Clothes for TJ to wear now from boxes from the basement that Scott outgrew a year or so ago.

Then there are the boxes of Sari's stuff. Stuff she's outgrown for me to give away. Stuff Mimi has outgrown for Sari to grow into. Stuff Sari for Sari now from boxes from the basement that Mimi outgrew years ago (although truthfully some clothes can go directly from Mimi to Sari).

Then there are the clothes Scott outgrows every day. He's grown several inches since Christmas, and he just keeps growing. But with his sensory issues, he's tough on clothes anyway so lately not much has been surviving to box up for TJ.

And Mimi? Well, she's becoming lady. How does that happen? Subtle curves appearing here and there. Clothes that fit one day are suddenly not quite right the next.

Ah, my children are growing up. And I'm getting older. Or maybe just old. I had to color my hair tonight after Mimi informed me that the top of my head was silver and there weren't enough brown hairs to cover up the gray ones. Coloring my hair is my one vanity, but I have been going gray since I was 22, and that's just not cool. I hope that gene does NOT get passed on to my kids.
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Melissa said...

Oh the endless organizing of clothes saga! I've still got to do Mad's closet and drawers. I bet she has at least 10 pair of denim shorts. The drawers are overflowing - not complaining though - free shorts from the cousins - can't beat FREE!

Briana said...

I highly dislike going through clothes! You deserve a day off after that!

I found my first gray hair when I was in high school! I really need to henna my hair again, but I don't want to. Big hugs!

Tess said...

I could so relate to this post! Been working on projects though the summer and dealing with clothes is almost never ending!
~Tess-- from the Review crew stopping by on a blog walk. (Also, I'm following you now, too)