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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Congrats to my little brother!!!

My brother and his fiancee were married on July 24th. In Hawaii. And they didn't take me along as photographer. But I forgive them ;-). Mostly. Although I can't wait to see the wedding pictures. There was a reception for them here in town on Sunday evening, and here are some pictures from it.

The happy couple. Can you believe they are an e-harmony success story? I love my new Sister-in-law!

The kids ALL love their aunt and uncle. (Three of us were taking pictures at the same time, so I didn't get a single one with all the kids looking at me.)

Mimi helped my mom with the decorations. Mom bought this poster and Mimi added the stickers of the couple and some flowers, etc. The couples' hair were the wrong colors, so she even made them new "wigs" of paper.

My mom bought these bears, and Mimi made the clothes for them based on the description from my brother of what they were goign to be wearing. And we had an idea of what SJ's dress looked like, as she got it off etsy.

Cutting the cake with the ever-present Sari. I think she'd move in with them if she could.

Crazy kids! They got these hawaiian necklaces from their aunt and uncle, and all silliness ensued.

No celebration is complete without Plum, my brother's friend. He's from Thialand, and that's where his family still lives, so he spends his holidays with our family. He loves kids, and they love him back.

More goofing around.

Congratuations to the happy couple! We are so excited for them and our only wish was that they lived closer.

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Heidi said...

What a fun post! Looks like the reception was a blast!

Julie said...

Fun pictures!