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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And Now...a guest post by Debbie Downer

We're back to school and it stinks!  We are doing a co-op this year, and it's with all the people I love most in the world. and the teachers are great, and I LOVE the curriculum...

it is kickin' my kids'


It's 10:50, the older two still aren't done with today's work.  Heck, they actually aren't done with YESTERDAY's work.  They've had 48 questions to write the questions and answers for in ONE book alone.  And this is 7-10th grade, so they require some hunting to find the answers. 

Add that to the fact that my son is dumb as a post determined to not do ANYTHING I ask, and you have one frustrated Mamma.

TJ is loving it, so there is a positive.  And he's totally caught up-ahead in the read aloud actually. 

And Sari's co-op gets all the work done there, so she's fine, but up my craw for more "cool" work all morning long...but not math...and not reading...and not, well you get the idea.  Can she please do "cool" that isn't school?

And she is the energizer bunny.  It's almost 11, and she's still going strong.  And she does this every night.  She's usually the first kid up too.  To misquote the Sound of Music...I must have had a wicked childhood to deserve a child who functions on so little sleep ;-).

And it's still hot in our school room.  Like 88 degrees hot.  So that's not helping anyone's mood.

Okay, enough venting.  Tomorrow is another day.  God's mercies are new every morning.  Mine can be too :-).
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ann marie said...

I loved the idea of the co-op but was afraid it might be too much for Anthony and now I see it probably would have stressed him out a little ( and me a lot). This is his first week homeschooling and we are just doing math and science. So far so good. He is so much more relaxed than when he was in public school. makes me feel a little bad that I didn't do this sooner.

Lori said...

Thanks for keeping it real as always. Been meaning to post about this past Monday, but I'll give you a hint... I may or may not have been locked in a closet while on the phone with my husband telling him that I hate, hate, hate homeschooling. God is good and He reminded me that I am but dust and His compassion is unfailing so the moment passed.

But, seriously, those kinds of days stink.

Tiffany said...

The older co-op is a serious amount of work, Hannah is keeping up but barely. You may want to slap me here but I'm loving it...for her that is. I continually felt like she didn't have enough work for her grade level last year and worried that she wasn't being challenged enough. Well, now she is challenged! You know you could move your younger (can't remember what you call her on this blog--mind melt!) to the other class--it's still plenty of work for her and she could team up with TJ as well. Just an idea...

Julie said...

I'm loving it for Madi too. It is a serious amount of work, but it's her job to do it and she is doing it and loving it too. On the other hand I am still thrilled with my decision to keep Jake home and his not needing to be accountable to another ' teacher' right now. He and I are both enjoying the Notgrass American History that he is doing. We homeschool so we can find the right fit for our own kids. Right now the coop is the absolute right fit for Madi and not for Jake.

Rebecca said...

We have cut back on what we are trying to accomplish during the day...but, we are not in Highschool. Found you in the Hop.