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Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years Ago Today

I had a 4 day old baby.  He literally did nothing but nurse all day long, so I literally did nothing but sit on my bottom and watch TV for a lot of my day.  I had a 4 year old and a 2 year old also, and our MOMS Club had a field trip to Publix planned for that morning.  My friend Marie agreed to take my other kids to tour the grocery store, and I settled myself in for another morning of the Today show and a non-stop nurse-fest.  She will remember ALL the details perfectly...what event happened in which order in terms of when she picked up the kids, what events had already transpired, etc....but I know I watched the whole surreal thing unfold in real time.  The Today show getting reports of a plane crashing into one Tower.  Reports that it was a full sized plane, but the reporters' certainty that it was just a horribly off course private plane.  TV Cameramen arriving on the scene...a gaping hole in the building...confirmation it was a full sized plane...and then there was another plane...another full sized, real plane, full of real people colliding with the second Tower.  And a plane in the Pentagon, and another rogue plane and a crash in a field, and buildings collapsing, and a nation changing forever...right in front of my eyes. 
But in all that tragedy were the amazing stories of everyday people doing extraordinary things.  Of heros everywhere you look.  Of selfless first responders who gave their own lives to save others.  Of the worst of circumstances bringing out the best in people. 
I'm grateful beyond anything I can express for all the people who gave their lives 10 years ago, and for all the families effected by that ultimate sacrifice. 
I'm also grateful for a GOD who is sovereign-even when circumstances are beyond our understanding.  He's never caught by surprise, and He sees the whole picture where we see just a small part.  His ways are not our ways, and even when I don't get the "why", and a LOT of times I don't, I know that He is in control.
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