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Sunday, September 11, 2011

24 hours of Crazy

People who think weekends are for relaxing don't have kids...I'm convinced of it!

Yesterday, my husband and eldest son went to Night of Joy at Disney with a local youth group that Scott has been going to on Wednesday nights (in addition to our church's group on Sunday nights).  Several of our closest homeschool friends go to this group and I'm all for this child of ours who kicks against the goads of faith having all the opportunities he can get to be bathed in the Truth.  Anyway, back to Night of Joy- it rained, and rained, and rained...the deluge (sorry, can't resist an old Living Seas reference).  Fortunately, the rain ended early enough that the night was not lost, and they had a great time-even if they did get home at 2:45 AM.  The other 3 kids and I got Thai food (complements of my secret stash of b'day money) and watched Rio.  Fun, fun!

On Thursday, a friend e-mailed about an opportunity to go see Dolphin Tale (the movie we were extras in) for FREE.  The movie isn't even out in theatres until the 23rd, so we were very excited to get this chance!  The catch?  The viewing was at 10 AM this morning about an hour from our house...and the seating was first come first served even though you have to RSVP.  Plus, my oldest two children had a theatre practice from 10-1 today, so they would have to miss out on going to see the movie.  Tough call!  But I consulted the Hubs and we decided I'd take the littles and not tell them until we were actually in the car so the bigs wouldn't know what they were missing until after the fact.  That was the safest way to play it with them since both needed to be at the practice today, and both would have wanted to go to the movie.  And for good reason-the movie was awesome!  And you can even see TJ and I in a few scenes.  I can't wait until we own the movie and can watch it in freeze-frame to be nerdy and find ourselves in all the shots, LOL.  My friend Aunt Fanny's daughter got a close-up for about a second, which was really exciting.

After the movie, the littles and I went to a frozen yogurt place called Menchies, and it was sooooo good!  While we were there, we had a little entertainment watching someone parallel park their car.  There is a LOT of parallel parking in this shopping complex, and this person should not have tried to use any of it, but especially not the spot he pulled into.  In the end, he parked facing the wrong direction, and hit, yes HIT, the car in front of him TWICE.  He must have pulled in and out of the space at least 5 times, and came SOOO close to hitting the car each time, but he actually really hit it twice!  And then he finally got parked, left his car about 4 inches from their bumper, and went off with the 2 other guys in his car to have lunch...Unbelievable!

While we were watching all that, the big kids were off to their next activities.  For Scott, that meant sailing from 1-4, and for Mimi, it meant shopping with her dad for a cell phone.  I'm actually totally opposed to the whole idea of the kids having phones, but much like her older brother, she used her own money for it and it's a Trak Phone like Scott's, so if they can't pay for more minutes, it goes inactive.  Speaking of Scott's phone, it had gone missing for a while.  A LONG while.  See, we took it away from him for some transgression, and because he tends to search the whole house to find things that are taken from him, my hiding places have to be creative.  This time I was too creative, and couldn't find it after his restriction was over.  Luckily, the Hubs came across it today, and it was still active with 4 minutes left on it.  That was a God thing right there!

By the time we were finally all back under one roof, we had one extra-our nephew Bam-Bam.  He's here for the night since his parents have an evening wedding tonight and it's about an hour and a half away.  The kids watched some really lame-o movie (that was free since the copy of Rio I got last night had a bad scratch in it that made the VCR stop playing it until we skipped that scene) and then it was off to bed for everyone but me, and here I sit at my computer at almost midnight...I think it's time to go to BED!
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Melissa said...

Busy, busy - no restful weekend here either. Can't wait to see Dolphin Tale.

Lori said...

I was wondering if you guys were able to see the movie! So glad you guys got seats. There's no way I would've made it in time so we'll have to spring for it when it comes out. We'll keep an eye out for you guys!