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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Small Boy

TJ turned 10 today.  As much as I have had fleeting thoughts about it in the past few weeks, I TOTALLY spaced on how close it was until he mentioned it yesterday!  That should tell you how crazy busy we have been!  

TJ is one child who knows he is loved because I tell him all the time.  And I tell him all the time because he is soooo easy to love.  He's funny, easy going, helpful, compliant, considerate, a good friend, and a child of God.  Does it get better than that?   (Don't get me wrong-I love ALL my children, but if you know my family dynamics, you understand that some are much easier to love at all times and in all circumstances than others ;-).

When I needed to do a photo shoot a few weeks ago, my compliant child said "sure", so here are a few pics of my favorite Small Boy.

A totally TJ sort of pose 

 This is the TJ I love- always jumping off something!

 Do you know how many times he jumped for me so we could get this cool shadow just right?

 Quiet and contemplative-checking out a black lady bug on his arm.

His amazing eyes.  They are blue and green and gorgeous!

Happy birthday Small Boy!  God has wonderful things planned for you, I just know it.  I can't wait to see what He has in store, and I'm honored He chose me to be your mom!
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Kris said...

Happy birthday TJ. You rock!!

Anonymous said...

Awww.. I always say the same thing to my children <3 I thank God all the time that I get to be thier Mommy!

I hope TJ had a Happy Birthday, My fav picture was when he was looking at that lady bug, defiantly what I would call "wall worthy" photo :D

Keri~ A Hs'in Mom Loving that homeschool curriculum isn't just black and white

Julie said...

Beautiful pictures!! Happy Birthday TJ!