EEME Project Genius Light Review

I'm going to admit now that I shamelessly begged to review EEME.  I had seen so many of my reviewer friends review and LOVE their kit that I wanted to check it out.  And I knew it would be right up my husband's alley- always a plus for homeschool moms trying to draw dad into to the teaching process!

So what is EEME?  They are a company that makes electronics project kits that are delivered to your door monthly.  Each kit has an accompanying on-line video lesson that takes you through each step of the process.  Here's how they describe themselves:
EEME's monthly hands-on project kits teach kids about electronics. Each project kit is paired with online curricula to not only guide the kids in assembling the project but also to teach the concepts applied.
The kit we got for review, and indeed the first kit everyone gets, is the Genius Light. Here's their info about it:
With the Genius Light project, you will assemble a simple LED circuit system that does the smart thing - lights up when it is dark and dims when it is light.
The project kit will be shipped with all the materials needed to build the Genius Light (a breadboard, resistors, circuits, LEDs, battery).
Once you've gotten your kit, you'll come back to to access our 45 minutes of online videos, which will (1) teach you and your kid how to build the Genius Light, and (2) explain the electrical engineering concepts behind it. (Videos are free to check out.)
Here's what the kit comes with:

My husband, he's a computer engineer, and a bit of a nerd (love you Hunny!).  He has his own electronics kit just to play with, and we have breadboards, resistors, and circuits galore.  But he never seems to have time to just sit down and play, and he even more seldom has time to teach our kids the hows and whys of electronics and circuitry.  So this kit was PERFECT for my family.  My husband and younger son did the project together, with my son doing most of the work, and my husband helping as needed.

The video talks them step by step through assembly, and has them try things that work...and things that don't work.  Then it explains to the the science behind "why".

The kits are designed for ages 7-12, but I'd say you could easily do it with older or younger students as well.

The only parts TJ had daddy help him with was the bending of some of the wires, and even with that, he grew more comfortable with it as the lesson went on.

He was SOOO proud of the finished result- a light that glows brightly in the dark, and dims in the light:

The pros:  This is so cool, and the fact that it got my husband and kids working together was sooooo nice.  Now my 12 year old is fired up to do more electronics projects.  In fact, he wanted to start tinkering with the Genius Light as soon as he was done.  Everything you need to do the project is included, and the videos are easy to understand.  There are even questions for you child to answer as you watch the videos to be sure they understand the content.  Everything is reusable, and while it is a monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time.  Oh, and you can sign up on their website and watch the videos for free even without a subscription!

The cons:  Really I don't have any...except that the Pro membership is $29.95 a month, and that's the cool one that comes with the project cover (that you see in the picture right above here).  Each project cover is specifically designed to cover the breadboard (the internal board where you plug in the wires) and showcase the cool part of the project- in this case the light sensitive light.  The Basic plan has everything the Pro plan has in it except the cover.  It is $18.95 a month.

The bottom line:  Did I mention EEME is just flat-out cool?  I loved the excitement it sparked in my small boy.  But you wanna know the BEST part?  If you click here-  EEME - you will get your first kit for FREE when you sign up.  This offer is only good until September 16th, 2013, so sign up now!!!

For more information about EEME, you can like EEME on Facebook or follow EEME on Twitter. You can even pin EEME on Pinterest.  To see what my fellow reviewers had to say, go to the Mosaic Reviews blog.


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