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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Metro Movement's First Student Showcase

Some people's children do normal piano, or soccer, or underwater basket weaving.  My daughter climbs 25 feet in the air and then intentionally falls toward the ground.  Over and over again.  She does aerial silk, sometimes called tissu.  It's the stuff you see in Cirque du Soleil.  She takes classes at an amazing studio called Metro Movement and Aerial Arts.
 We love them to pieces
They are sooooo good with the kids, and the instruction is 100% safe, and top notch.  A week and a half ago, they had a student showcase- their first- and the performances were breathtaking. Completely over-the-top impressive.  Mimi was one of 3 youth to perform, and the only youth to do a solo performance.  She did SO well, and she was totally jazzed that she got to wear one of their costumes (they have a production company that does events, so they have a full warehouse of costumes).  Here are a few pictures.

 This is Stacy- their first student, who then turned teacher.  She now performs as an aerial trapeze artist at Sea World in San Diego.  This is the lyra that she's on.  Mimi does some lyra as well.

And these above and below are Tawni.  She's another instructor at Metro, and she is also "Miriam" at the Hollywood Studios' Indian Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.  This is the cube that she's on.

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