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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Three Things Thursday 3/13/14

It's Thursday (at least for 35 more minutes), and I'm squeaking in under the wire with this one.  I know these are supposed to be three things about me, but since we are new to NC, and since none of our friends or family have had the chance to come visit yet, I thought I'd show you three parks we like to visit instead.


This one, which I'll call BP, has a lake with a trail around it, as well as a playground, sport fields, paved walking trails with fitness stops like the monkey bars above, and a huge open field that's great for kite flying...oh, and they also have sailing once it gets warmer.


This one, which is a state park and is HUGE.  We've visited it probably twice a month since we've been here.  And yes, that's Sari standing on ice in the one picture above.


And this one...I don't even know the real name for this park, not that I'd put it on my blog even if I did.  But it's very close to us, and has a playground area as well as these cool "rocks" for climbing.  They also have sand volleyball courts and a soccer field and basketball court...and a walking trail.  In fact, our whole town has a connected series of walking trails that are all paved.  They are wide enough to ride bikes or scooters, and connect park to park, which is great.  We LOVE being able to get out and about more here, even though we miss the theme parks terribly.  

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Heidi Strawser said...

It looks like you're doing a great job at venturing out and finding fun things to do! It definitely looks like there are some beautiful parks in your area - that's wonderful. :)