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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Three Things Thursday 3/6/14

It's time for Three Things Thursday, the one day you know there will be new content on my blog these days, LOL.

This week brings you 3 totally random things for no particular reasons:

1)  My husband was just unpacking a box full of music CDs and one of them that he came across was The Rock and the Rabbi, which he promptly put in.  I love The Rock and the Rabbi.
I get no benefits for this mention.  I have no ulterior motives.  It's just an amazing, unique retelling of the story of Peter and Jesus.  We were privileged to see it (twice) and its sequel in Orlando, and I'd see it again.  You can buy the sound track on Amazon now, so apparently their popularity has caught on.  Anyway, it was great to listen to it again.

2)  I don't like veggies.  Really.  I know, I know, I should like veggies, but really, I don't.  And I really don't like avocado because to me it tastes very green.  But tonight I made some rockin guacamole.  Really, really good.  Like I would eat it good.  Well, I would eat everything but the except for the chunks of tomato in it, but I digress.

3)  Lastly, I'm stinky at self promotion.  Really not good at it.  I never have been, and I probably never will be.  It's why "networking" in my working life was always so uncomfortable.  But since it was actually published today, I figured it would be wise of me to mention my March article on Home and School Mosaics.  You can read The Promises of Spring and other great articles by clicking the link.

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Cristy said...

Love, love, love "The Rock and the Rabbi"! The music is amazing!

Heidi Strawser said...

Love your random things this week! Your article this month was really great! I appreciate that I get to read them all early. :)

I'm not a huge veggie fan either. There are some things that I do like now, as an adult - but I'm still pretty much anti-veggie. :)

Tiffany said...

I've been listening to the Rock and the Rabbi too, love it! I really want The Witnesses but it's more than I can spend right now.
Yay for eating something green. :0)
And...I read your article and it was great! You are really a great writer!