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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Get to Know Apostle Paul Review

When Zondervan sent their lists of books coming out this summer, I immediately asked to review this one.  I mean, Paul, he's just got such a great story.  From impeccable lineage, to persecution of the early Christians, to his ride side conversion, to his missionary journeys, and the various times he almost died, his is definitely an interesting biography!

And this book, part of a series entitled"Get to Know" by publisher Zondervan, does not disappoint.  Nancy I. Sanders does a wonderful job of writing a book on a 2nd grade reading level that is both engaging and informative, even for adults.  The maps and full color, real life pictures are phenomenal.  Each chapter has added tidbits like "Did You Know?" or "Eyewitness Account" that add insight.  There is also a glossary and bibliography in the back, as well as detailed source notes and a student resources list.

You can purchase Get to Know: Paul from Zondervan and other retailers for $6.99.  Also in the Get to Know series are Jesus, Mary, and King David.

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