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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Three Things Thursday- 8/7/2014

Time for Three Things Thursday, or as I like to call it, the once a week-ish time that I update my blog the way I mean to do every other day of the week, LOL.

1)  Our house in FL was suppose to close yesterday.  It didn't.  LONG story.  Please pray that God brings a new buyer...the right buyer...soon, and that I patiently wait on Him in the meantime, which is not exactly my skill set.

2)  We started back to school this week.  It's a light load so far.  We are doing A Child's Geography Book 1 in one week as a read aloud.  We also started IEW SWI level A for EVERYONE, although the older 3 will move at a rocket's pace and Sari has already branched off to move at a pace more suited to someone actually doing the curriculum at the correct age and for the first time.  The older kids will then move into SICC level C when they are done.  The other subject we have picked up this week is math for Mimi and TJ.  They are doing the first 15 lessons of a Great Courses math class, and then they will go their separate ways as well.  Sari has started with Dianne Craft's figure 8 work and some brain gym stuff, and she's doing supervised handwriting...I'm determined to get her in a better place because...

3)  I just got back from signing the 3 younger kids up for co-op.  It's a HUGE thing for us because I'm a rebel and I don't play well with others when it comes to the freedom of my homeschool schedule :-).  We were doing a small co-op in FL before we moved, but this one is like 150 families, and is much more rigid.  TJ will do Apologia General Science there and a fishing class that will also teach some other NC stuff.  Em will take HS Health and an Acrylics class, and Sari will do Apologia Botany and a sports class, so a balance of fun and hard word for her.  The fact that she is behind will be obvious in botany, so she really needs to work hard this year to catch up.  And if our brain gym/Dianne Craft work doesn't help, we will probably do some educational testing in the fall so be sure there aren't some other issues.

So there are my 3 things this week.  If you want to link up, just visit Heidi's blog.  Her list is more fun.  It's about Disney!
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1 comment:

Heidi Strawser said...

I actually found your list very interesting! We started school here today. So much new stuff - it's a lot to get used to!