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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Crazy day

Okay, first I'm sorry the previous post was up for so makes me seem like a whiner, and I HATE that. I'm feeling better. Not 100%, but better :-).
Yesterday, my husband's parents asked if we could blow off school (my words, NOT theirs) and go shopping for Christmas clothes for the kids. We did, since they are only in town once a month and if they buy the wrong size I have to make a trip to the mall to return it, so it's just easier if we go and try stuff on. 6 hours, and one cancelled piano appt., later, we were done. Here are pictures:
The boys outfits are the same except they picked out different belts. I did not get their shoes in the picture, but they are "snazzy" as my mother would say.

Sari is pleased as punch with her outfit. Especially the RED shoes. She calls them her "tap tap" shoes and wanted to sleep in them last night.

Mimi's dress is simple and not profoundly holiday-ish. At least it's not hoochy like most of the dresses were. She's thrilled with her footwear-BOOTS! She tried on every pair of black sz 13-1 shoes at the mall, and did not find any she liked until I let her try these boots (as a joke) at the very end. They go well with the dress though, and she LOVES them.

After clothes shopping, we went with Nana and Pop Pop to the Christmas Tree farm to pick out their tree. My kids have not been there in years (we have a fake tree). They enjoyed playing in the hay pile, feeding the animals, and taking the hay ride. Nana suggested we have daddy pick up pizza for dinner and meet us at their place, so that's how we ended the night. It was 8:00 before we got home after leaving our house at 9:30 that morning.
It was crazy, but it was productive :-).
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Tree Climbing Mom said...

Shopping with the Grandparents is a wonderful thing. Looks like they (and the kids) have great taste!

Melissa said...

Wow! Mimi looks fantastic! I've noticed lately how much these girls are growing up - and looking so much more grown up. Totally scary, but normal.

Kris said...

Tell Mimi I'm totally "diggin'" the boots. They are uber cool.

Lisa said...

Love Sari doing the "Wonder Woman" pose in her adorable red outfit! :)

Anonymous said...

What great outfits! the girls look great in their dresses. i can only get one of my girls to wear a dress! Sounds like a great day of Christmas fun!
And you didn't have to cook :>)

amy W.

Tiffany said...

Very cute! Worth a whole day? I think so.

Julie said...

I love the picture of Sari!

Randi Sue said...

The girls look so good. Were the boys not as excited about the clothes as the girls. That's the way it would have been in my house.

5Gustos said...

Great holiday clothes. I can't wait to see their Christmas pictures in the clothes.