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Saturday, December 13, 2008

One of my all time favorite toys

You know how you get a bee in your bonnet about something? Well this time it was what I wanted to get for my nephews for Christmas. TJ was playing with his Kid K'nex and built this:

And I thought, That's it! That's what I'll get them. Kid K'nex.

Yeah, except that NO STORE in our area carries them anymore.
And so I checked, my new favorite Christmas shopping on-line local, and they had them alright. At crazy-expensive prices. STUPID expensive prices.

When did Kid K'nex become THE toy to buy for Christmas 2008?
Even Knex themselves only had two kits still in stock on their website.


Anyway, I found some on ebay, and the prices were great, but then the shipping kills you, and frequenty you can only get ONE and I needed two.

So I found them at last for a reasonable price on-line. I opted to get them bigger sets and combine their birthday and Christmas presents since both have had a birthday in the past few weeks. The kits have arrived already, and that's two birthday and two Christmas gifts I can cross off.

And who doesn't love a toy that lets your kids build stuff like this...
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Tree Climbing Mom said...

Doc Brown loved his Kid K'nex. He's graduated to regular K'nex and I'm amazed by what he's been able to build.