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Monday, December 29, 2008

Hair care

So my sister bought my daughter a brush (although if I ended up paying for it, did she really buy it???? hmmm.....). It has wooden bristles, and it's what my sister uses on her beautiful hair (not coveting, not coveting). Anyway, since that moment, I think Em has brushed her hair a BILLION times. Literally. I know I was the biggest complainer about her never brushing her hair, but we've gone from one extreme to the other. And the problem with ringlet curly hair is that when you brush it you separate the curls and it just looks wavy...I think I preferred the rat's nest. Oh well.

And, on a personal front, I colored my hair for the first time in 4 years. My sweet former neighbor had done blond highlights for me when she went to cosmetology school, and then touched them up for me about 6 month ago, but they were growing out, and I was ready to not be half blond/half brown anymore. So what color is it? You'll have to wait and see! The box said "Medium Golden Brown" but anything that has golden in the title brings out the red in my hair, so I'll give you a clue that Presley and I could be sisters :-). I like it a lot. Surprisingly, only 2 people said anything at church yesterday. I don't know if they really didn't notice (I can't imagine that) or if they were trying to be polite and not mention the elephant in the room (I'm sure some older folks consider it inappropriate to discuss such matters). I'm hoping it was one of those two things though and not that it really looks terrible but no one will tell me.
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Julie said...

I wish I was the one bringing Madi over, so I could see your hair. I'll bring TJ home so I can see all the colors, your house and your hair!

Leisa said...

Pictures Please!!!!!!!!!!1

Melissa said...

I noticed it - and it looks great - and I didn't say anything. Why??? I dont' know - I'm just somehow pathetic that way. And I loved your new skirt!