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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fun with my girl friends

In high school, my closest friends and I had a saying...STASM. It stands for "small things amuse small minds". We'd use it for whenever something immature got us...or better still some of our friends...really tickled. Well I'm not trying to say anything bad about my current friends or the size of our minds, but all you have to do is mention Sharon Stone, and you reduce us to this:

And I'm betting the picture below will reduce YOU to the giggles too. Sorry, Aunt Fanny, but I but you'll SMILE for my pictures from now on, LOL.

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Julie said...

I'm still laughing!!!!

Leisa said...

I think Aunt Fanny may out your "sharon stone" secret for that photo!!!

Tiffany said...

You DID NOT post that picture of me....I just love all the wrinkle lines. UGH!
The other two got me tickled all over again.

Smith Schoolhouse said...

do it- do it! out her!!!

bfarmmom said...

I am still laughing also. I love all you girls!!
"One of the nicest things about life are the friends you make along the way." read that somewhere and I don't remember. But it is so true.