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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Busy day

So today we spent most of our time cleaning....and cleaning....and cleaning. I HATE cleaning. But the past week I actually blew off doing school with the kids in favor of cleaning, so that gives you an idea how out of control things were.
I finally have all our school stuff organized-papers filed, books organized on shelves, supplies in designated places. It's almost scary. My plan is to spent the summer getting the downstairs ready to move the school stuff down there, and it will be a big job, but now at least I know what I need space-wise.
Scott started golf today. A local golf course offers free golf lessons for 2 1/2 months over the summer. We signed Scott up and he seemed to enjoy today. He can go again tomorrow, so we are planning on him being there again.
The hubs and Mimi made dinner tonight. She wanted to make Chicken Cordon Bleu, and that's what they made. It was DELISH! YUM YUM!!!! Then, for dessert, she had her heart set on making chocolate truffles from a cookbook she has, so I helped her make those. They were really good too. It was a great meal.
Then, after dinner, because we can't seem to live in a clean environment for more than a few hours, we started ripping out the living room carpet. Seriously. It was GROSS. I mean, actually, the carpet isn't gross when you look under it at the pad, but the carpet was really worse for wear. We had been told by the previous owners that they THOUGHT there were hard wood floors underneath, but they HATED hard wood, so they had kept the floor carpeted the whole time they lived here (15 years) and they had no idea what shape they were in.
So it was a gamble, but the carpet had to go...

Here's our first look at the floors:

Not as bad as we thought they'd be. Here's the bigger picture:

Yes, obviously there are places that will have to be fixed, but the hubs went to the store tonight and found some stain that is EXACTLY the same color, so we will just stain the spots and but down a layer of poly and call it done for now. The smell of the stain is about to make me crazy and is giving me a whopping headache, so maybe i'll sleep on the porch tonight ;-).

I know anyone who knows us know that our house is really old (1883) even though it doesn't look it. Well, here's a bit of proof:
Yep. that's one of the nails that was poking up through the wood. Maybe there's a museum that wants it...

Anyway, I think we're done for tonight. More demolition after church tomorrow I'm sure!
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Julie said...

Wow! Nice!

Leisa said...

I love it! I would take wood floor over carpet any day!!

Paint it white!!

Melissa said...

Great floor! Yippee! Really nice pic of Mimi's behind.

Tiffany said...

The floors look great! Another reason I want your house...

Smith Schoolhouse said...

so happy for you for getting your house into shape and uncovering those beautiful floors! They don't have to be perfect since the kids will mess them up anyway but it will feel so much better knowing you don't have to worry about what is living in the carpet. if this were our house & not a rental we would strip the carpet in a heartbeat!

bfarmmom said...

How cool!! Good for you guys!!