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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kittens :-)

I know, I feel like this blog has been taken over by kittens lately, but since they have taken over our lives, I guess that's appropriate. The three kittens Callie is nursing are doing great, and they are all still AVAILABLE, so let me know if you want one! Today I successfully got my hands on the fourth kitten that was still with the stray mom Abigail. I relocated both to the crate Callie and her first batch of kittens used when they were outside. Abigail is not thrilled, but her kitten had gotten too mobile for the area they were in...there is metal vent pipe that runs down into the basement wall in the area they were hiding out. The pipe has no cover over the end, and if the kitten went in, it would slide down to the bottom and never be able to get out...and if mama went after him, she'd be a goner too. SO, they had to move.
Here are pictures of all the kittens. Abigail (the mama) is up for adoption too. She is soooo pretty and is very sweet. She's barely not a kitten herself. Speaking of the kittens, they should be ready to find new homes in about 3 weeks (they seem to be about 4 weeks old).



Abigail and the fourth kitten. See how pretty Abby is? She has a cute white streak on her nose, and white feet and chest. On her underside you can see some of the orange calico she has in her that showed up on Princess's markings.

The fourth kitten fending off the fierce camera beast ;-)

Here you see his marking better. While Kipper is all black, this one has white paws and a white chest and tummy. He is very cute and is not skittish around humans at all.

Any or all free to a good home...or barn...or farm...or yard....or anything but my house, LOL.
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Melissa said...

They are so gorgeous! If we were allowed cats here..........but we're not.