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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Destination Disney: Disney Water

My friend Heidi has chosen "Disney Water" as the theme for this week's Destination Disney.  Here's what she has to say about it on her blog:

What? You ask. Well, like everything else that Disney does, they do water right. Think Seven Seas Lagoon, World Showcase Lagoon, and Crescent Lake – and that’s just a few examples of LAKES. When I think of Disney Water, my mind also goes to the many FOUNTAINS throughout the parks – my personal favorites are the ones at EPCOT.
So, this week’s topic is fairly broad and is limited only by your own imagination. Let’s keep this topic for Disney ON LAND – parks, Downtown Disney, Water Parks, etc. – we’ll save the REAL WATER (Disney Cruise Lines) for another post.

So I have probably a gazillion pictures of Disney, but I wasn't sure about water...except that I JUST took some great pictures at the Flower and Garden Festival, so here are a few of those and some other older pictures too.

This picture below IS the reflection of one of the buildings in the Chinese pavilion.

Here's another picture of the building and the reflection.

A hippo and birds at AK.

Back at Epcot-the Canada pavilion.

Okay, it's a horrible picture of that actual water, but I love how you can see my daughter's smiling reflection.  Yep, this one is back at AK.

Fish and baby fishies in the uber clear water at AK.

This is where you can see the hippos.

Not two minutes later, THIS is what the water looked like...after a hippo pooped in it RIGHT in front of the window ;-).

I have lots of other water pictures, but I have them on an external hard drive, so I can't get to them.  I suppose 10 pictures is enough anyway :-).
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Heidi said...

I am LOVING this topic! It's so diverse as everyone's pictures are so different. When you stop to think about it, there's a TON of water at WDW!

Tiffany said...

Great pics, I NEED the pic of hippo poo. I think I'll tag my friend, John in it.