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Monday, April 11, 2011

Sunday evening post-take two

I typed a whole post on my phone last night while lying in bed...then in trying to figure out how to post it, I lost the whole thing!

So now, in no particular order, is your weekly random update.

On Monday, Mimi, TJ, and I were extras for a new TV pilot. We had to be there at 5:00AM, and it was an hour away. We had fun, especially since lots of our friends did it too, but it was a very long day and I was exhausted when I finally got home- only to find a friend at our house to fix our phone line so I couldn't go to sleep! On the plus side, my phone works now, and I did finally get to take a nap. And I went to bed early that night.

Scott took standardized testing for the first time ever on Tuesday and Wed. The teacher alloted 8 days and he finished in 2. We'll know on a few weeks if that was a good thing or not!

Thursday night Mimi went to spend the weekend at the beach with RM. They had a great time and she is a little sun kissed to prove it.

Friday both boys helped to set up for the AWANA yard sale. When we went to pick them up, Sari spied a bike for sale. We raided daddy's quarters to pay for it, and within 24 hours, she taught herself to ride a 2 wheeler with very little help from me. She also learned to blow bubbles with gum about a month ago, so she's really feeling like a big girl now.

Our Disney passes expire on Friday, so we will probably cram in one more visit before our Universal experience begins.

I have replanted my spring garden for the third and final time so at this point it will either grow or not, but I'm done with it! I do have one more blackberry plant to get in the ground, but that's it for now.

I never got strawberies to make jam...

On the plus side, blueberry season is right around the corner!

Finally, TJ had two soccer games back to back Friday night. His team really plays well together and they won both game by several points.

Sorry no pictures, but I'm doing this from my phone. Maybe I can add pictures- and spell check- tonight.

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Julie said...

Good job Sari!!