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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Alone, Yet Not Alone- Review and Giveaway

Today, I'm thrilled to bring to you a review of a sweet story of faith in adversity that is sure to appeal to audiences of all ages.

Alone, Yet Not Alone is based on a true story, and was in fact written by a member of the Leininger family.  Here's the "official" release:
Settled in the Blue Mountains of Pennsylvania, deep within America's new frontier, the Leininger family celebrates the blessings of a beautiful homestead and bountiful harvest. That is, until tragedy strikes with the beginning of the French and Indian War and the devastating raid known as the Penn's Creek Massacre.
 The lives of this simple, God-fearing family are forever altered when Barbara and Regina, two young sisters, are carried away by a band of Allegheny warriors. Driven by their faith in God and the powerful bonds of family, Barbara and Regina hold firmly to the belief that they are never alone, even in their darkest hour, and that they will be reunited again.
 Rich in historical details, Alone Yet Not Alone is an inspirational, true story of a family caught in the cross fire of the French and Indian War.
OBM says:  I loved this book.  WE loved this book.  In the end, my children, ages 14, 12, and 9 were all cheering.  Alone, Yet Not Alone is the griping story of Barbara and Regina Leininger, who, in the fall of 1755, were abducted by Indians who killed their father and older brother.  They, together with many other women and children from their area, are taken hundreds of miles away from their homes, told they are no longer to speak English, and made to work in Indian villages as slaves.  The girls end up in separate tribes, and the story follows Barbara, the older sister.  She never loses her faith in God, and prays that her sister is alive and is strong in the faith as well.  She never stops thinking about escaping, although the penalty is death, and the opportunity does not present itself until 3 years into her captivity when a pending forced marriage to an Indian brave makes prompt escape a necessity.  To divulge more would truly be a spoiler, but I just want to say that the simple beauty of Barbara's faith brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart.  It's an historical, inspiring, uplifting story- what's not to love?  On top of that, it's well written; so much so that my kids made me read the whole second half of the book aloud in one sitting so that inquiring minds would know how this real life tale turned out.

And now, two bonuses.  The first you may already know-Alone, Yet Not Alone is being made into a movie and will be playing in 200 cities nationwide on June 13th of this year.  Here's the movie trailer:

It looks great, doesn't it?  I can't wait.  My city is one of the places it's playing, and I know we will be going to see it.  Apparently, there was some controversy over the theme song which was sung by Joni Eareckson Tada (Who knew she sang?  She has a beautiful voice!  I got to hear it on the CD they sent me.).  The song was nominated for an Oscar, and then they rescinded the nomination.  No matter what the reason, it has helped to draw attention to the film, and that's a good thing, because I think it's going to be amazing if it's at all like the book (and it seems like it is).

The second bonus is that one of YOU can win a copy of the book right now.  All you have to do is enter the drawing below.

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Cristy said...

And another book I have to add to our reading list!

Denise said...

Looking forward to reading this with my girls.