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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Three Things Thursday for 4/17/14 - 2 days late

It's (way past) time for Three Things Thursday).  Actually, given that last week got away from me, it could be said that I'm a week and 2 days late, but we will be kind and just go with 2 days late, right?

1)  My In-Laws are in town.  Hence the lateness of this post and the lacking entirely of last week's post.  We've had a nice visit so far, but it's so hard to know how much is "too much" for them.  It's been much colder than my mother-in-law packed for, nor does her choice in footwear support hiking through the woods, ;-), and so some of the outdoor things I had really hoped to do we have not been able to get to, although we did do an egg hunt yesterday morning at the park with some friends.

I think we will end up extending our personal spring break beyond their visit so that we can see the Sarah Duke gardens while everything is in full bloom...that, and I haven't had the chance to plan a thing school wise while they have been here.


TJ and my MIL put together a puzzle I bought myself for my birthday.  I reconciled myself to assembling it another time on my own, because it clearly brought them such enjoyment.  I don't have a picture of the finished product (and if I go downstairs to take one, I'll never finish this post), but this is what the puzzle looks like.  I LOVE White Mountain Puzzles.  I just bought the lighthouses one like this for them to work on next.

3)  We seem to be meeting people from "home" everywhere we go.  Sunday night, I had a crown break (don't get me started about how apparently my old dentist used his fun new machine to make a crown in a situation that is not the best for that type of crown, as it's not the strongest material for a molar).  Suddenly, I found myself in a new town without a dentist, and with a broken tooth.  I found a super nice Christian dentist,  who fit me in bright and early Tuesday morning and whose receptionist happens to have moved from Sorrento ( a few miles from our old town) a few years ago.  Then we went on a field trip to make a worm bin because we had pretty much lost all our worms in FL to neglect when we got the chickens, and we gave our worm stuff away when we moved.

Anyway, we met people there who had moved here about 3 years ago from Sanford (about 25 minutes from our old house).   So it's been a bit like "old home week" around here.

So that's it.  Not so much three things about me, other than I broke a crown, but a little bit of an explanation about why things are kind of crazy around here.  Oh, and my April post is up for Home and School Mosaics.  It's a craft you can do for any holiday, or just because.  Even my MIL commented on how much she liked the Easter ones we have hanging up, so you have to know they look pretty good.  You can find the post on Faux Batik here.  To link up with Three Things Thursday, visit Heidi's Head.

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Heidi Strawser said...

I enjoyed your list this week! We have the PA version of that puzzle and it's really neat. Ours was missing a piece when we purchased it, so we had to get a whole new puzzle replacement - after poor Gracie had put the entire thing together. But, she whipped #2 together in no time!