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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Duke Chapel

Oh look!  It's a random, for no apparent reason, blog post!  I know, I need to do more of this type of thing, but I keep getting busy with life.  However, I'm having tons of fun playing with a new photo editing software, and I wanted to share the pictures somewhere...and this time my blog won out :-).

This is the chapel at Duke University, where we went to visit the other day.  Impressive, no?

 Here's the inside...just amazing.  And I can't even describe the acoustics, but it would be a treat to sing in there to be sure.

The windows were gorgeous...

I played around with the one below to remove the yellow cast caused by the lighting.  Here are both shots.

I just loved the windows in these doors too.

Anyway, that's a quick peak at the Duke University chapel.  I want to go back sometime, maybe for a service, or just to hear the organ play.  How blessed we are to have things like this so close to us now!
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