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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Three Things Thursday 4/3/2014

It's time for Three Things Thursday!  This week, I actually remember one of the things I wanted to list, so woo-hoo, that's a bonus!  Without further ado...

1)  Things are popping up in my little garden and it makes me happy.  I'm trying back to eden gardening with a twist--doing it square foot and container gardening style since this is a rental house and I need to take with me or erase all traces of my garden when we move out.  I love heirloom seeds and have planted some favorites this year:
  Tall Telephone Garden peas - seriously, I can't keep my kids from eating these straight out of the garden.  They are tall, and huge and big, and yummy.
   Dragon Tongue Beans- come on, admit it, I had you at the name, didn't I?  I don't like beans, and really my kids don't either...but they like these.  The pods are purple and green, but they cook up green and "normal" looking, and they taste sweet and mild.
   To those, I'm adding some new experiments given our new growing region. We are trying Chantenay Red Core Carrots, Costoluto Genovese Tomatoes, Fox Cherry Tomatoes, Marglobe Supreme Tomatoes, Beit Alpha Cucumbers, Charleston Grey Watermelons, Grandpa Admire's Lettuce, and Bee Balm Lemon.  They also sent me some Red Romaine Lettuce, so I'm giving that a try too.  All are from Baker Creek Seeds, because I love heirloom seeds and non-genetically modified food.

2)  I found one of these sucker crawling up the inside of my pant leg today.

God is good, and I found her before she bit me, but what a reminder to be diligent in checking every time we come in, especially since the previous tenent had a dog.  I know it was a "her" because only the "shes" have the white spot.

3)  We are pressing on with school despite the fact that the schools around us are on spring break right now.  Nana and Pop Pop will be here in a week and a half, and we want to take that week off with them.  In fact, we have really, really worked our tails off to catch up for all the time off we took while we prepared to move and during the move itself.  Because of that, we will finish our family Bible study and MOH 2 the week before Easter, and both middle kids should finish their math right around that time too.  I'm SO thankful that we have not only made up the time but are "ahead", and once we come back from Easter, their main focus will be science, in terms of completing core classes, and then they will be done.  And given that TJ actually finished his science book a few weeks ago, and I started him on another one just for fun, lol, he really can be done anytime.  But he's LOVING Apologia's new Chemistry and Physics book, and so am I.  You've gotta love any curriculum that gives you a legitimate reason to do the Mentos and Diet Coke thing ;-).  So he'll work through that a while more, and it will be a good prep for General Science in the fall.  YAY!

If you want to participate in Three Things Thursday, just link up over at Heidi's Head.

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Heidi Strawser said...

Isn't that new Chemistry and Physics book gorgeous? I'm not ready to use it yet, but seeing it at every convention makes me want to scarf it up just to add to our collection! LOL

I'd love to know what you use with the kids for math. We're starting to plan for next school year.

Your garden sounds neat! I hope you'll share pictures of it some week!

Julie said...

Yuck about the tick!

Yay for being ahead on school!