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Friday, April 25, 2008


fudgesicles :-). We have an ice cream truck (actually 2 or 3 different trucks) that comes by almost nightly. While I have happy childhood memories of ice cream truck indulgences of my own, somehow it loses some of the uniqueness when it comes with such frequency. Oh, and gone are the .25 ice cream treats. These treats individually each cost as much as a box of them would run you at the store. And when you multiply that times 4 (or 6 if you count mom and dad, LOL)... well, it's a rare treat around here.
But tonight. Well, tonight Mimi is at a friend's sleep-over, TJ and my husband are at Scouts, and that leaves just Scott, Sari, and I. Sari passed out naked on the couch about 10 minutes post-bath, so she was down for the count, and Scott was out playing down the street, so I was actually engaging in adult conversation with Presley by phone when I get an emphatic pounding at my door. The minute I open it, a gaggle of children blurt out that Scott is down the street bleeding "a lot" from his head, his knees, "and everything." Yikes! Good bye Presley, hello quandary. What do you do when you are the only adult home, your daughter is sleeping NAKED on the couch, you can't lift anything because of wrist surgery, and your son is up the street bleeding? You lock the doors, close the baby gate, say a little (or big) prayer that the 3 year old will stay asleep, and hop in the car since it is faster than walking and easier for transporting an injured 80 lb. child. Then you thank the relative strangers who have taken care of your son thus far, escort him limping to the car, and drive quickly home. After copious amounts of hydrogen peroxide, Bactine, and Neosporine, not to mention a dozen band-aids, the first aid session ends just as you begin to hear the first strains of "Deck the Halls." (Yes, our ice cream truck plays a full repertoire of Christmas music year round, LOL. ) This definitely is an ice cream truck night :-). $3 is exactly what I pillaged out of my husband's change stash, and $3 is exactly what it took to get Scott and I something. I love fudgesicles, and I hardly EVER eat them, so that was fun. And Scott is doing better, although he was shocked at the abrasion on his forehead.
And speaking of boo-boos, have you ever done something dumb? Like today at the park. I brought a milk crate with our stuff in it since I could carry that one handed. Then the table was full, so I set it on the ground behind the table. Then Aunt Fanny got there with our favorite baby Reggie (whom I could not watch since I am not supposed to lift anything heavy, and she's up to 20 lbs. now). So I get up to go see baby R and catch my foot on the edge of the crate. I scratched and bruised my inner calf on the edge of the crate, and then hit the back of my other knee on the bench of the table as I fell back down on my butt. Just call me Grace! Oh yeah, I have bruises so deep I think I will have to wear pants for the next week or so. At least they will draw the attention away from my incision scar for a while, LOL.
The relative calm of my household will end soon when the other boys get home, so I will sign off for now.
I'm blessed my son has good friends (and they have nice moms) who look after him when he gets hurt. I'm blessed that my wrist has healed enough that I can type (almost) pain free. And I'm blessed that I met a new homeschooling mom today, and had the opportunity to tell her all about our wonderful church!
until tomorrow,
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Julie said...


crispy said...

I miss your stories. You have the knack to get yourself into these situations and get me laughing when you re-tell it.

You poor thing. (Or as they say around here...bless your heart).

I don't miss the ice-cream truck coming 5 min. before dinner time like it did in our old neighborhood.

Randi Sue said...

I thought you dropped the crate. I didn't know you got hurt.

Lisa said...

Fudgecicles....yum. :)
I loved getting those rocket pop things too. I hope Scott's head feels better...

Tiffany said...

I got to see Scott's head this morning and it looked like it had to hurt! You never said how he did it?
We have an ice cream truck around here that plays a really annoying song and ends with "HELLO." It doesn't go directly by my house so we have yet to get ice cream from them but your post and the article in Lake Family Magazine are making me want to go chase them down next time I hear them.

5Gustos said...

Ouch!! Oh, Julie already said that. I hope he heals up really speedy-like.