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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Wow, has it really been a week...

since I last blogged. I LOVE to write, but lately, by the end of the day I am just "done". Here's a quick catch-up.
Friday, we had an "all-day" sewing day at Presley's house to work on our quilts. We arrived a little late because Thursday night our sweet hamster Oreo died of "wet tail", which is just a fancy name for stress induced "runs". It's very common in pet store animals, and she likely came home with it. Unfortunately, they have a 7 day return policy, and she died on day 10. I called Friday morning, and "persuaded" them to replace her. Our new hamster is much larger, and older, and her name is Daisy. I'll post a picture, but she seems pretty nice too. We ran to the pet store Friday morning before they could change their mind, hence being late to Presley's house.
This quilt is Mimi's, and she got probably 12 of her 16 main squares done, and then I worked on my present for my mom (the first quilt I made) that needs to get finished. Then Mimi went off to spend the night at a friend's and Scott went to his first Boy Scout week-end campout.
Saturday was my birthday, and my husband and kids made me breakfast in bed. Then, Jennie and I spent 2 1/2 hours taping outlines of rooms on the floor of our church's hopeful new home so that people could walk through the next day after church and "see" the warehouse as it would look with walls and rooms, etc. Then off to gather Mimi from the house where she spent the night Friday night, and back in the total opposite direction for MM's birthday party...followed immediately by pizza for dinner and dessert at my mom's. I LOVE her chocolate angel food cake recipe (which I can make, but hey, hers is the original) and she made it just for me :-).
Sunday, my husband had to be at the Y at 5:30 AM to set-up the Y's gym and make it look like our church (hence our excitement about a bolding to call our own). Mimi wanted to go with him so badly, she woke up at 3:45 and stayed up so she would be ready when he got up. It was a LONG day, LOL. After church, Aunt Fanny, Jennie, and I went to the new building to give "tours" for people from church who were coming for their first look. It went well, and we were there until about 12:30. Then we came home, ate quickly, and Mimi and I went to a local Alpaca farm for their "open house". I would love someday to own alpacas, but now is not the time. Going to see them and picking the owners' brains a little about the business was fun though. And, they had angora bunnies, which really "made" the trip for Mimi. In fact, one of the bunnies had had babies a few months ago, and they were half angora and half dutch (favoring the dutch in terms of hair). The lady who owns the farm offered one or both of them to Mimi for free, and she jumped at the chance. I said it was Daddy's decision, but God is in the details, and while at Presley's we had both noticed an unused rabbit hutch, so when the lack-of-home was daddy's only objection, and Presley offered temporary use of her hutch, we called the lady back and told her we'd take a bunny!
Sunday night, some friends took Jennie and I out for our birthdays. Let me just say, I have the BEST friends. Really. I know a lot of people say that, but I mean it, and I know they do too. It's so amazing to have a group of women who really would do anything for each other, and who lift up each other and support each other. And our kids all get along great too. It's truly amazing, and after my husband and my kids, these friends are truly the best gifts God has given me.
Monday, we actually "did school" and Tuesday we had Precept followed by getting the kids fair entries ready followed by art class followed by actually dropping off the fair entries followed by dropping the kids at home with their daddy followed by returning to the fair grounds to submit some photographs followed by gassing up the car and grabbing a 7-11 taquito and doughnut for dinner followed by UIP. It was a long day!
And today? Well, today started out with an impromptu letter boxing excursion. We brought back 1 million mosquito bites, but no stamped log book. Kiwi and I both neglected to grab the directions as we left her house, and this one was more complicated than others, so we had a nice bug filled walk in the woods and then came home. ( I have NEVER seen that many mosquitoes...they literally followed each of us in a cloud.) I grabbed a quick lunch for the kids, and we went to get our bunny. His name was going to be Captain Carrot, but the owners were calling him Thumper, and so Mimi decided to just keep that name. So Thumper is now home with us on our back porch.
Why did I only grab lunch for the kids? Because today I started a new diet. It's called the colonoscopy prep weight loss plan. And yes, it's every bit as disgusting as you think. It's like self induced POMA-a real mind over matter thing. I wasn't even going to share, but since this generally geriatric procedure is becoming more common in younger people, I thought I'd share so anyone else finding themselves in this place can have someone to turn to to commiserate. I have the actual procedure tomorrow at 11, as well as an endoscopy at the same time. I have not had real food since dinner last night, and 11 will seem very far away when I wake up! Kiwi is taking the older 3 kids to a field trip tomorrow, and Sari is spending the night at her Godparent's tonight (she's been begging for a few nights now) and will hang out there tomorrow. I should be home tomorrow around 2, and Christine has begged me to blog in my drug induced haze, but I can't see that happening :-). Actually, it's the "being out of control as induced by the drugs" part that I most dread. The procedures themselves are routine enough, but anesthesia and I are not good friends, so if you are the praying sort, I'd appreciate prayers for a smooth recover from the anesthesia.
I'll let you know tomorrow how things go.
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Leisa said...

I am praying, and tomorrow when you wake up, don't hold that gas in....FART!! Call me if you need anything tomorrow.

crispy said...

Poor thing. Hope it goes well.

And, I am tired from reading the post on a crazy day.

BTW, bring bug spray when you letterbox. =)