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Friday, April 4, 2008

Places you don't want to bump into people you know...

1) The feminine products "aisle" in any store, but particularly Wally World, where the pharmacy line directly faces the feminine products. And who should happen to be in line while I am looking for ahem, needful things? My across the street neighbor (the HUSBAND) and his teenage daughter who used to play at our house all the time. Oh, AND a lady from my Precept class. On second thought, maybe I didn't need those things to bad after all, LOL. I mean, everyone knows women need those things, but who wants to actually have casual acquaintances watch you shop for them?
2) The endoscopy waiting area at the hospital. Who comes walking by but our neighbor who bought the house behind our old swing set? "What are you here for?", he says. Like I'm going to tell him. I said, "A test" and left it at that. He was there in a different part of the medical building for a lump he found on his head that he will have surgery on Monday to remove. His loud and colorful language about said bump made me a little squirmy, so I was glad it was a brief encounter. Then who comes rolling out but an older gentleman from our church. No fooling him, he knew what I was there for ;-). He had just come out of there, and encouraged me that it wasn't that bad.
Does this happen to anyone else? I mean, I don't embarrass that easily, but there are just some places you don't want to encounter people you know, yet I manage to find them there :-).
Just a thought to start your day!
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Tiffany said...

When I was a teacher I would buy all of my feminine products in Orlando. We went to church out there anyway and so I would just stop at a store out there. You don't want your high school students to see you buying anything like that!

crispy said...

TMI...I don't like to know all those details about my casual friends. You poor thing.

Next time, just ask your hubby to buy them for you. =)

Anonymous said...


Lady G~ said...

Darlin', at least you only by for you. Do you know how many packages of ah... personal items we purchase at a time? We really need by Always stocks! We'd be set by now! LOL!

I noticed that your friend Crispy said, have your hubby buy them. When my hubby use to do the groceries, he use to buy them for me and the girls. He said it was no big deal. HUH!? LOL!

5Gustos said...

My step-dad used to buy all my mom's and his 3 daughters' as well. He said everyone knew they weren't for him, DUH, so no biggie! But my hubby would never buy them in a million years! He won't even touch my purse.