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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Post-procedure update

So I'm not blogging in a drug-induced haze, and I'm sorry (NOT!) if that's disappointing :-).
When they say the prep is the worst, they are telling the truth...but mostly because while they insist they don't "knock you out", they really do, and so it doesn't matter what the tests are like because you sleep through them.
I woke up after a nice nap, and drank 3 glasses of juice, so they sent me home before I started costing them too much in beverage allotment :-).
I wasn't "with it" for the Dr.'s update, but it was mostly small stuff. They did some biopsies, and said I have a mild hiatal hernia and mild diverticulosis (I doubt I spelled either of those right). I'll know more in a week or so when the biopsy results come in. That's been the trend for all my testing-they find little stuff, but nothing to explain the bigger picture. (I don't think I ever blogged about my other test, but I have an ovarian cyst too, and they are treating that with birth control pills. There's an irony for you. I'm on BCP not to prevent pregnancy but to shrink a cyst.)
All in all, the tests were fine, and I slept the rest of the afternoon away. I did cheat and only drank half my prep solution yesterday, but I had done a little internet digging and found that I really had gotten to the place I needed to be when I was only half way through, and that stuff is SOOOOO nasty that I just couldn't drink another sip anyway.
Anyway, enough of the geriatric posts about my ailments :-). I'm going to log off since there is a deluge outside and tons of lightening.
until tomorrow,
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smith schoolhouse said...

glad to hear all procedures went well. will continue to pray.

Tiffany said...

I'm glad to hear that everything went well. I will be praying that the doctors will find some answers.