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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Doesn't everyone have...

a bunny in a dog crate in the middle of their galley kitchen?
I should probably explain :-).
The dog was at the vet since we had been out of town and they were closed by the time we got back. And that night was going to be in the 20's. So first we set up this cozy abode for the cat, but he decided being an indoor caged kitty was HIGHLY overrated and whined until we let him back out. So I went and brought the bunny in instead. And he stayed in for 2 days. He's litter trained, and so easy and quiet and nice. Maybe we'll keep the bunny inside and throw the dog outside, LOL.
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1 comment:

crispy said...

We have a bunny in the dining room and until it gets back to the 50's that is where she will stay since the garage is packed full.

It just means we have to change the litter more often.