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Friday, January 9, 2009

Thematic Photography-New

I had the best of intentions of participating in this challenge weekly, but I forgot! This week's theme is "New" and I have a million pictures I could use from our new house paint to Sari's new haircut, but I settled on the one below:

I am choosing this photo for a few reasons. First, we were at this grove gleaning and the homeowner was unaware that this hive was even was NEW since the last day or two. But also, this type of hive is apparently rare. It's an "open" hive-it has no outer walls, and it was totally NEW to me. I've never seen, let alone heard of one before. It was amazing to see. (Click on the photo to see it better.) It almost looked fake-the combs are so white-but it was very real, and they were calling someone to move the hive a.s.a.p. Open hives don't last long since they are especially susceptible to the weather so getting them relocated quickly was important for the safety of anyone in the grove and for the survival of the bees.
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jill said...

that's incredible...

i probably would have run the other way, but i'm glad you were there to take pictures to share with us. =D

Smith Schoolhouse said...

that's pretty insane! I bet that honey (?) is good! I love orange blossom honey. anybody want to bring me some?

Mimi said...

This is awesome. I really think this fits so well with the theme, too!