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Friday, January 30, 2009


Monday, we made an impromptu trip to Disney thanks to passes that my brother's generous Christmas/birthday gifts helped to pay for. We went to the Studios, which was bittersweet since it has changed so much. The kids enjoyed it. We saw Star Tours (which Sari was tall enough to ride, so we all rode, but Mimi didn't want to and then nearly tossed her cookies afterward. Sari hated it too. FUN!) We also got to do a special thing that day and be in the audience for America's Funniest Home Video. They weren't taping the show. They were screening the video candidates for the 100,000 grand prize, and Scott and I got to vote for our favorite. We got t-shirts for participating. It was fun, and the kids love that show so they were excited.
After that, we spent some time in the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids Playground (which I helped open many years ago) and then caught the High School Musical show while waiting to go into the car stunt show.
Mimi said it wasn't very good because they didn't use the real people from the movie :-).
I'd never seen the car show before, and it was good, but loud. Scott was already having a horrible Sensory day, and it was not pleasant for any of us, so that show, while he did enjoy it, was not the best pick in those circumstances. We finished off with The Great Movie Ride, which we rode twice so we could do both the "A" and "B" shows. The kids all agreed that they like the gangster best. So do I, although that's where I sprained my ankle and broke a bone in my foot. It still bothers me on days I'm on my feet a lot.
We left Disney by 3:30 because we had to be home by 5. Our life insurance guy came at 5 to discuss our coverage. Our old term policy expired and we needed new coverage, so we have to revamp everything. I like our insurance guy a lot, which is good. He understands our needs (both for future provision and for being able to pay the bills now). Since my husband is self employed and I am a homeschooling mom, we feel life insurance is important for both of us so if one of us dies the survivor is not facing a huge change in life circumstances.
It was a busy day, but worth it.
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Randi Sue said...

That is so neat that you got to be in the screening of AFV.

Sounds like a fun day.

Steph said...

Cool day.

Smith Schoolhouse said...

I miss Disney.