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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cat update

Frequently, I rip on Mittens for not being a very cat-like cat. Not only does he NOT have the camouflage thing going for him...he just lacks any sort of stealth ability at all. The most he has ever caught, previous to this moment, is a lizard's tail. No wonder he was skin and bones when he showed up on our doorstep. But I guess he got tired of hearing me rip on him and today he decided to man-up, or would that be cat-up?, and catch a lizard. But not just any lizard. This was a 5 lined skink. Those suckers are FAST. Go MITTENS!

Not preggers anymore :-). Here's Callie wishing I'd stop with the pictures already.
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Julie said...

Great picture of Mittens.

Emily said...

Junebug's first cat was named Little Mittens and was about the same strange color as your Mittens. Our current cat's original name (and the name I still use) was Callie and has almost the same coloration as yours. How weird is that?