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Friday, March 13, 2009

The Hubs goes to Disney ;-)

Would you believe we were parked in row 40? God has a sense of humor :-).

Eating out as a family is a rare treat. This is the first time the kids had ever been to a Japanese "steakhouse" (where they cook the meal in front of you). They LOVED it. Well, most of them. Sari sat there with her fingers in her ears the whole time he was cooking. She really doesn't like loud noises. Scott ordered sushi... and liked most of it! TJ and the hubs had shrimp (which I never make since I'm allergic to shellfish). We had a good meal and a good time.

The kids were dying to show daddy the "Nemo ride". It's weird for him and for me since we remember it as The Living Seas with Sea Base Alpha. I like how they've redone it, but I miss the old theming too.
I made the hubs wear his birthday pin (he tried just sticking it in his pocket), and even added the "40th" on it thanks to a nice Guest Relations host with a sharpie ;-). Disney really has done a great job of encouraging cast members to make you feel special on your birthday. I can't wait to go for the other kids' birthdays later this year.
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DebiH. said...

The picture taken at dinner is a great family picture!