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Monday, March 16, 2009

Homeschool in the Woods New Testament Lapbook Review

This is one review that might need to start with an explanation of just what the product is in order for it to make sense. "Lapbooks" ( a phrase coined and trademarked by Tobin's Lab-and I'd include a a cute little trademark sign if I could figure out how) are a way of taking information that your child learns ON ANY SUBJECT and breaking it down into smaller important pieces that you then record in fun little books that you can make of any size and design. These books are then glued into some sort of binder-whether it's a file folder, a notebook, or a a display board, although the idea is that they are, well, lap sized :-). Another name for Lapbooks is Notebooking, and Dinah Zike has several books on making Notebook Foldables. The above picture shows the outside of this New Testament Lapbook by Homeschool in the Woods that we were given to review, and the one below shows an example of the inside.

I want to start out by saying I may be a little bit bias. I LOVE Homeschool in the Woods. I have loved them for years. A family business run by Amy and Ed Pak, Homeschool in the Woods began when Amy sought to teach her kids History and knew the idea of a timeline resonated with her. She had trouble finding accurate and quality clip art though, and decided to put her artistic background to good use creating AMAZING timeline figures. I own their CD of timeline figures, and I LOVE it.
Now Homeschool in the Woods has branched out into other history related products including these Activity Pak Lap Books, and Amy has put her artistic talents to good use again. This product has many "pros" to it. This New Testament Lapbook is stunning and comprehensive. The illustrations in this lapbook are top notch, but there are also plenty of opportunities for your children to contribute their original artwork. Similarly, you have the choice of printing out the text that goes into each little book, or allowing your student the opportunity to fill it out themselves. If you've never done a lapbook before, this is DEFINITELY the way to go, although it is soooo beautiful, it may spoil you into thinking they will all look this gorgeous. There is no doubt this lapbook will come together exactly as you want it to as all the instructions are included and necessary supplies are listed. It is truly as if someone is holding your hand to ensure success if you've never done a lapbook before, but it also is so stunning that experienced lapbookers will be thrilled with the results.

The New Testament lapbook covers everything from the lineage of Jesus to His ascension and the experiences of the apostles after that, as well as many events in between. The lapbooks has 15 different activities including the Fruits of the Spirit, The Beatitudes, and Paul's Missionary Journeys, just to name a few. It also includes two bonuses that don't go "in" the lapbook, but continue on that theme. One is the Armor of God, and the other is "The New Testament News". Both are great activities.
The only "con" I would mention is that while it is "New Testament", it is not comprehensive. It's organized into the 15 activities, but every book in the NT does not receive focus. My kids are currently doing Revelation in Precept, and I was really hoping for some lapbook related activities, but there were none for Revelation in this Pak...I guess that Revelation would really be a lapbook in and of itself though!
The bottom line is this is an amazing lapbook. It really takes away all the fear from anyone who might be new to lapbooking and wondering "how to do it' as this is totally laid out for you. Yet I think experienced lapbookers would enjoy it too since it is so beautiful and comprehensive. At $18.95 for the downloadable version, and $19.95 for the CD, it is well worth the price, since this is something your kids will look at for years to come. Check out this Activity Pak, and other offerings by Homeschool in the Woods HERE. And follow the links to what other TOS Crew members had to say on our blog HERE.
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