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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Part Black Lab, Part Austrailian Shepard, Part...


Riley likes to dig...a lot. Here he is standing in one of his holes.

See that tail sticking out? Yep, that's how deep he has dug so far. He's standing up in the hole, digging further when I took this. And all you could see was the tip of his tail.

Since I figured there's be some skeptics out there, here's Sari exploring the hole:
Taking the first step

About half way in

All the way down

Have I mentioned the dog was my husband's idea? It's good I love our friends at Sonlight Garden so much, or I might hold this...ehemmmm...half dog half mole against them, LOL. If you come to my house, be sure you don't walk around the yard in the dark. And if anyone needs a trench dug, and doesn't need it to head in any specific direction, let me know...I have a dog you can borrow to dig it for you.
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Melissa said...

This is too funny! Thanks for the pics!

Randi Sue said...

Oh my! He was busy!

Smith Schoolhouse said...

We have had diggers in the past too. I can't believe how big that hole is- like a cave!

Cindy @ Fenced in Family said...

Hello from a fellow crew mate! We've had digger dogs too. They drove me nuts! We actually had a dog named Riley once too, but he wasn't a digger fortunately. He lives with my in-laws now.