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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

That's a first!

So Sari just walked in the kitchen where I was making dinner and said, "Mommy, you need to come into your bathroom."
"There's something in the toilet you need to get out before I flush it."
"Come here, you need to see."
"What is it???"
"You are going to be mad at me..."
"What is it???????"
"Come, you need to see."

Okay, so I go...

And find a Q-TIP floating in the pee filled potty. And she says, "There was no toilet paper, so I had to use something to wipe, and I couldn't find the garbage so I put it in the potty."

Okay, so the irony is that while yes, the toilet paper was empty, she had to move about 6 rolls to get to the Q-tips under the sink! And, the garbage is DIRECTLY next to the potty.

I guess I should be glad she bothered to wipe, most of the time she doesn't even do that ;-).
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Randi Sue said...

She just had to do that, I guess. You wonder what goes through their heads.

DebiH. said...

That is SO funny!

Julie said...


What is also funny is the verification word is "uniaton" (close to urination!).

Luke said...

Kids are hilarious!