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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Upward Awards and Sailing

Today was family sail day, so TJ got to go out. Of course, he didn't go out with his BROTHER, but he got to go with some other boys and he had a great time.

Scott sailed a laser by himself today. He had a great time too. Their afternoon on the water was cut short by a storm that blew in with hurricane force least that's what they felt like coming in off the lake. The blowing sand, and for that matter the raindrops, HURT.

From sailing it was off to Upwards soccer awards. Here's TJ and his team. They had huge rental waterslides for the kids, but again the pesky weather kept them from enjoying the water for very long.

Mimi's team was light on players...only 6 total, and only 4 at most games (4 was what they needed to play). She was much smaller than many of the 5-8th grade players, and today she got kicked in the foot as she blocked a goal. Her skin got ripped through her leather sneakers, along the nail bed of her big toe, and the toe is either broken or jammed/bruised badly. But she managed to smile for the picture!

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