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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Update on all things Chicken

The girls have moved into their new digs, which we were cryptically calling "the playhouse", but then everyone in the neighborhood found out anyway, so now it's the coop...or if we are feeling fancy, the aviary.

Here's a recent picture of the girls. I can no longer tell the 3 Red Stars apart at all. They were very different in appearance, but now they look the same. They are still lighter in color on the butt end, but they definitely changing.

This is Buttercup, our easter egger. She has green legs, and she pretty markings. She is the most docile of the four, although they are all very nice. She's also the smartest of them all by far.

Here's the coop with the girls in it. Obviously I have some painting still to do-the bare wood in the pictures will be white, but I am loving it. I am SO glad we went with this design, even though it has taken much longer to build it than I thought. The 100+ degree heat index has had a LOT to do with the extended time frame.

Here it is from the side. You can see the laying boxes (they aren't that shallow-they extend inside too).

Here are some of the roosts inside. We happened to have had an orange tree that died on the edge of our property, so we dragged that into the coop, and voila! instant roosts.

Here's the other side of the coop. The area above is the one part that isn't finished-we will get that wall put on tomorrow, and then there we will be able to actually retreat into the hen house and feel nice and secure.
We are almost there! I can't wait to be done, and it will be none too soon.
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Debbie(single;complicated) said...

Love this! was this a kit? or your design?? I am looking for something for the back yard that I can do myself..or with little help!!:)

oneblessedmamma said...

The plans came from here:
We used some different materials-the clear roofing was expensive, and probably not practicle here in FL...unless you want to grow and ROAST your chickens in one easy step, LOL.

Melissa said...

I love you little Buttercup. I can really see her EE markings in that pic. Can't wait to see the color of her eggs.