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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Schwans House Party

On May 22nd, we held a House Party. A Schwans House Party to be specific. We started ordering from Schwans a few months ago when they had a "get $10 free" promo. We like their food, and we have the nicest "Schwans guy" so we order from them once or twice a month-usually things I won't make myself like real tamales and pot stickers.

Anyway, a few months ago, we got the opportunity to apply to host a Schwans House Party to introduce our friends to Schwans food. We got $110 on FREE food to share with them! I would have liked to invite the WHOLE world, or at least ALL my friends, but even with the group I had, it ended up being almost 50 people when you count the kids. We used the House Party as a birthday party for Scott too, so I redeemed myself a bit from being the lame-o mom who hadn't given her kid a party in two years.

Here are some pictures from the party. If you are local and have never tried Schwans, I have a few goodie bags left that contain a catalog and COUPONS :-). Let me know and I'll share-first come, first served.

Singing Happy Birthday a month early...or 11 and 23 months late :-)

I love when the kids' cake wants get simpler. I have made some pretty elaborate cakes in the past, but the boys have have latched onto this black/white frosting with bad/good guys on top. I can do that in my sleep! This, for the uninitiated, is a battle of the Bionacles.

See all the pretty food? It was GONE (like herd of locusts had come through) about 20 minutes later. Poor Strawberry Shortcake and her family got almost nothing because they arrived late.


One to laugh at-Aunt Fanny always takes the BEST pictures, LOL.
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Melissa said...

good food - good friends

I really enjoyed this party - even though Craig had another function to attend. I'm usually not comfortable at a party without him. I think it's because I'm so comfortable with all of those people.

Julie said...

"Poor Strawberry Shortcake..."

That made me laugh!

Schwan's said...

Thank you so much for hosting such a beautiful party. You did us proud! I'm glad to hear that the food was a hit and a good time had by all.

I hope you'll stop by and post some pictures to the wall. We would also love your feedback on any new items you might have tried. See you there. And belated birthday wishes to Scott!


Community Manager, Social Media
Schwan's Home Service

Heidi said...

This looks like a blast, Amy! I'd love to have a Schwan's House Party. We have a nice Schwan's man too and we love buying stuff from him. I love the ice cream and Ian is crazy about the corndogs! What a neat opportunity!