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Thursday, June 10, 2010


I hate the beach. I'm probably in the minority, but I just am NOT a beach person. I HATE sand. I HATE salt, and thereby salt water. I HATE applying MILES of sunscreen to four children and myself. I hate crunching on sand in my food. I hate getting saltwater on my face and not being able to wipe it off...well you get the idea.


I refuse to give my children the upbringing my husband had, living 5 minutes from the ocean but NEVER going there. (Okay, we are more like and hour and a quarter from the beach, but you understand.) So when my friends decide to go, I will almost always tag along because my kids, unlike their mamma, LOVE the beach.

So, since Jennie is here from out of town, a whole group of my BFFs went to the beach. We were there for hour, and the kids LOVED every minute. I took my camera, (well, my lesser, back-up camera) and it died after the first picture (above), so I lifted these from Aunt Fanny :-).

Yea, that's me in the middle. I guess turn about is fair play, since I am always taking bad pictures of Aunt Fanny, but I just look man-like. I'm a man with cleavage. Scary!

Lunch! I like this particular beach area because there is a "park" there with free, easy parking, nice bathrooms, and picnic tables, so no crunchy SANDwiches.

TJ and my Godson

Mimi and Jennie's daughter. They've literally know each other since Mimi was born.

The girls making sandcastles as the tide rolled in.

The four amigos. They really are best buds.

Little girls out and...

in the water :-)
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Heidi said...

Oh, we have much in common. I feel the same way about the beach. Looks like a great day, though. Everything is more fun with friends.

Tiffany said...

You do not look like a man!
It was a good day despite the fact that I hate the beach too. We really should try to go more than once a year. It's almost free entertainment for the kids.

April said...

I feel that way about the beach, too. Hot, sand, more sand, sunburn despite the buckets of sunscreen--but kids DO love it, don't they?
Looks like y'all had a fun day with friends, though. My kids are hoping to go this summer too.

Lexi said...

You are NOT in the minority about the beach! I also dislike everything about it...thankfully we live about 4 hours from one, so it is something we have to PLAN on doing. LOL

Michelle Smith said...

I also do not like the beach! Otoh, I really enjoy the mountains. Give me mountains, fresh air, green trees, mountain streams or waterfalls and I am a happy camper!

Can you believe I've never taken my kids to the beach? And now we live only about 5 hours away. Still haven't done it. One of these days I will though. Your great photos must have inspired me! ;)