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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Random Ramblings

My brother is in Hawaii right now. Saturday he will be a married man. Saturday is our father's birthday, and also the anniversary of my brother and Sheila's first meeting face to face (they "met" on eHarmony!). I could not be more happy for him. Mimi is in her element helping my mother plan their local reception once they touch back down on the mainland.

I cancelled our cable service today. Amazingly a company that couldn't call before they showed up to fix out cable (and so showed up during the one half hour I wasn't home) can call 3 times after I cancel to find out why I no longer want their service.

Mimi is determined to get a dog. The one we have isn't good enough. (And I kind of understand that-he's not a dog that any of them can interact with except Scott, and he refuses to be house broken so he can't actually interact with us in the house at all.) She is an absolute PILL about it though, and she has taken to breaking into hysterics every time we see a dog loose and don't stop to pick it up. It happened again tonight on the way home from church. This time the dog was a pit bull without a collar. Can you say, "Heck NO".

Our health insurance gets renegotiated August 1st each year. This year our deductible was going up to $5000 (from $4200), and our premium was going to be around $1400 a month. For the record, that's more than our mortgage. It seems that when you are part of a small group, any health issues in the group impact everyone exponentially. SO the fact that one of the owners' wives had her foot amputated last month clearly didn't help us out. For that matter, my biopsy last year probably didn't either. So we looked into our own coverage. We are getting a similar policy for our family for less than $500 a month. Crazy, no? We might actually be able to pay our bills now. I'm so excited, I'm doing the happy dance. God is good.

I have literally removed about 100 lbs of clothes from the house this week. That's not everything, but it is a lot of what there was to purge.

Somehow my custom ringtone got erased from my phone. So I needed a new one. I still have an iTunes credit, so I downloaded the perfect ringtone for me. It's Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales, and instead of singing, "Oh where is my hairbrush" he sings, "Oh where is my cell phone". Perfect.

The kids "show" for music camp is Sunday night at 6. All you locals should come. It's free, and always really good. Of course, their own daddy won't be there because he's teaching youth group that night...welcome to our life.

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Julie said...

What a great ringtone!

We might go to the beach on Sun, but if we don't we'll come to the show.

bfarmmom said...

YAY to saving money. That will be a huge burden lifted. And I love that ring tone. Don't tell my kids or they will make me get it.

BeckyJoie said...

Hey, I saw this-at 7:40pm. Guess we aren't coming to the show. I was pleased and surprised to see him at the church. I gave him a hard time, lol. Not intentionally. Anyway, I'm glad the teens get to see how much the men of the church care enough about them to do the youth ministry for Jim while he is gone. Thanks for letting others borrow him. LOL. Well, I hope music camp show went well. I have to go now. I'm rambling like I ate sugar and can't stop being hyper. I guess that is about right. Have a good night.

Michelle said...

Hello there! I'm visiting from the TOS crew to let you know that your blog is included in this week's Blog Walk.

Have a blessed week!

Beckyb said...

I wanted to find that same ringtone and I can't find it on Itunes - any ideas!?!? Thanks -

oneblessedmamma said...

I found the ringtone on iTunes, but I'm totally inept, so I don't know how to tell you where, other than it was listed under "kids" or "Children" or something like that. I might have had to follow one Veggie Tales song to another to find it? I don't remember for sure.