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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Vacation Part 5

On the way back from the Glen, we stopped to see my dad's cousins. My grandmother's brother had 4 girls, and all four of them still live and work in the Finger Lakes. Carole works in Watkins Glen, Barbara lives there, and Toni and Pam both live/work further up the road toward my uncle's. Of the 4, we saw 3 of them (we missed Barbara). That side of the family holds a 4th of July pig roast which is on Seneca Lake and the food and the setting are both amazing. We haven't been in many years, and missed this year's too, so we wanted to try to see the girls before then. They had their families in town, so my kids got to meet some of their second cousins-5 of which live in FL about an hour and a half from us. We had a nice visit, the kids picked blueberries and gooseberries, and we headed up the road to R.E.D.S. for dinner. After REDS, Daniel drove three of the kids home, and I took Mimi. We stopped to take pictures of a barn (not again Mom!) and as we drove back, we passed Daniel and the other kids at the local MINI-GOLF, so of course we had to stop and Mimi took Dan's place in the game.

Fishing is a favorite past time in NY, and here are some pictures from this year's efforts. TJ caught 6 fish using the same worm, and 9 fish total that night. I have nothing to do with the fishing effort-that all falls to daddy or Daniel and Everett. TJ wants me to point out that this year, it was mostly Dan since daddy left on Monday, and Everett was at Boys State.

Mimi won't have anything to do with HOOKS, but the worms don't faze her at all.

We stayed through Friday, and got to pick Everett up from where the bus dropped him off from Boys State, so the kids had one last chance to see him and say good-bye. We got on the road around one-ish and drove to northern VA where we stayed the night in a hotel. The pool was open, but it was COLD, so the kids swam for a few minutes and then bailed! The next morning, we enjoyed our continental breakfast (the kids LOVE hotels where they can make cook Belgian waffles) and got on the road.

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Tiffany said...

That picture of Scott is one of the best ones you've ever taken of him--you really captured him!