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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Vacation Part 1

So because TJ got the pukes about an hour and half before we needed to hit the road, we postponed leaving FL until Wednesday morning, and that ruled out any time in DC, which we had planned to visit. We got to our campground only to find ourselves locked out of our cabin. It took about 45 minutes, but we finally got in. TJ was fine on the trip, not eating much, but fine, and the night was uneventful. That morning, we planned to hit Gettysburg, then Hershey, then our campground in central PA. Well, the car had transmission/engine problems as soon as we left the campground, so we had to detour to a Kia dealership and get that fixed, so Gettysburg was out. It was pouring when we got to Hershey, so I didn't bring the camera in, but we had fun, and free chocolate is always good. After that, we got to our campground, and my friend/boss from TOS Heidi and her family met us. Heidi had had her first summer job at that very campground! It was on the Susquehanna, and it's beautiful.
The view across the river

Digging on the bank-a mother's nightmare when you are staying at a campground!

Scott and Sari on a half-submerged old pier.

TJ-note how happy, and healthy he looks here.

The crayfish Scott found

My kids, Heidi's daughter, and a few other kids on a partial dam of the river (so the water is deep enough for the ferry to cross-otherwise, you can practically walk across the river)

Heidi's son, who is about a year younger than Sari

Heidi's daughter who is Mimi's age.

After Heidi's family left, we went to a local place for pizza. TJ didn't really eat, and when we got back to the campground he tossed his cookies again! Oiy!!! SO we spent a VERY uneasy night sleeping, and I had to take him to the potty about a mile away at 4:45 in the morning (it was already light outside). I watched the sun rise over the river while he took care of business. He and I spent the next hour and a half sleeping in the car so we wouldn't wake the rest of the family, and then TJ was fine. We couldn't check out until 10, so that kept us later than we planned, but then we got on the road and to NY around 2.

I did my cousin Everett's senior pictures that afternoon,

and it was also Scott's birthday, so we had a cake for him. It was a funky cake that looked like a hamburger with fries. The other kids loved it...Scott wasn't so sure, but he didn't seem to mind eating it!

That was the end of a busy two days, and the beginning of the restful part of the vacation!
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Heidi said...

Great pictures, as usual! You know, we should have gotten one of YOU and ME. How horrible is that?!

Your cousin is a cutie! His senior pics turned out great! Wanna do Ashley's when you come through next summer?!

Love the cake! Too cute!

oneblessedmamma said...

I'm happy to do Ashley's if you want me to!
I know, we should have had one of the guys or Ashley take a picture of us!

Tiffany said...

Yeah--you blogged your whole vacation!! You guys did a lot and it looks like you had a great time. Your cousin's senior pictures are really great, his mom and dad must be so pleased. So, why does the reunion end when he graduates? Excuse my nosiness but you know me...