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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Summer Vacation Part 2

The weekend of the reunion always consists of a few things. We always go to the Windmill Saturday morning. It's the local flea/farmer's market, and is full of yummy food (Amish, Mennonite, and some Polish, as well as other treats like fresh squeezed lemonade and kettle corn) as well as tons of interesting things. I got some photography props, the Hubs got new Nothinz (a variation on Crocs), and I bought my mom some Emu lotion. And of course I bought some Amish cinnamon rolls, because when it comes to baked goods, nobody does it better!

Saturday afternoon the big canopy tent gets put up, and Saturday evening we have some sort of grilled food (this year was hot dogs as a preview from REDS) and a bonfire with s'mores.
Below, Everett puts Evan to work carrying wood for the bonfire. About 2 seconds later, Evan dropped his stack, LOL.

Sunday is the reunion, and it starts around 1ish so the morning is last minute prep and traditionally a pancake breakfast. Dan had to make the pancakes this year as Everett had to go to Boys State that morning. I snuck away to Calvary Chapel Penn Yan, a small little church, but still good to be "home" with CC.

The reunion was probably the smallest yet. The sad fact is that more of the the older generation either passes away or is ill every year. Next year is the last scheduled year to hold it, as Everett will graduate then. Here are some pictures:

Soccer is always a mainstay of our NY visits and typically the reunion too.

My two uncles in the front, and then other family and life long friends.

Uncle Ray and Clarence swap stories.

The kids and I play "Set"

Tim, my second cousin, tries to dump Mimi and my cousin Sara's boyfriend's daughter Sadie from the hammock, so of course Scott jumped in to help.

Uncle Corte, who laughs large and much :-). I have a picture of my cousin Dan (his nephew) with the exact same laugh-it must be a family trait.

My Uncle Ray's wife Sandi

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