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Thursday, January 27, 2011

And by the number 4

As in four children at Disney...but only 3 of mine!  My friend's oldest daughter had her co-op classes, and her son decided he didn't want to go.  In addition, he decided that he wanted TJ to stay with him.  And TJ jumped at the chance.  So, Red and I took my youngest 3 and her youngest one and enjoyed the day.
Look mom, a boa...constrictor

Mimi couldn't resist the tarantula-that's what her IEW assignment was about

Red's daughter specializes in funny faces

This was the most serious picture I got of her all day!

My son suffers from the same "can't take a normal picture" affliction that J does.

Gotta love kids who give THEMSELVES rabbit ears :-)

An animal butt, just for Aunt Fanny

Okay, that's it.  Only I can make a one day trip to Disney into 3 blog posts over 3 days!  Sorry for the3 long, drawn out, interesting only to me post ;-)
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Sonya said...

I thought it was fun! Thanks for sharing the day with me.

Heidi said...

That's not true - they are interesting to me too! I love looking at the pictures. In fact, my Destination Disney topic for this week is about pictures. You should link up. :)

Tiffany said...

I've loved all of your Disney photos--looks like you guys had a great day. Thank you for the animal butt picture. :0)